M. Rees

"For much of my adulthood I've been trying to relearn what every five year old understands about color and composition."

I live in Putnam County, Indiana, a predominately rural area that continually feeds my appreciation and wonder for the natural world.  My interpretations of ecosystems and the creatures inhabiting them lean toward the folk art tradition.  I find this rudimentary style to be more compelling as I get older.  

Please check back to the website for more work.  I upload a new print about each month.  You can also follow me on Facebook at\M.Rees.Art where I will announce new releases.  Thank you for supporting your local artists!


In regards to the prints, A huge thank you to Sycamore Printing and Business Solutions in Avon, Indiana and specifically printer, Tammy Graham.  I couldn't do it without you.