Tom Huck and Evil Prints 7/18/19


I learned to woodcut from a 40min YouTube interview with reknown St. Loius artist and printmaker, Tom Huck. I've watched that interview at least a dozen times, learning such things as where to buy printing tools and supplies (Mcclains), where to get birch plywood for carving (mom and pop lumber stores, not the box stores like Lowes or Maynards), or the many types of paper options (handmade thin Japanese papers being my favorite right now). Tomorrow, I am walking into Tom Huck's studio and printshop, Evil Prints. I am here to meet the master, and to spend the next 10 days learning directly from him. For those who are interested, I'll be posting everything I can, as well as what I'm learning. Stay tuned for some crazy woodblock printing knowledge!